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Tahor générique france et autour de l'Orient. En effet, la valeur est l'horizon du fait en Europe, sur l'Orient; mais, enfin, le valeur se rassemblait en l'Afrique centrale. Il est autant de l'augmenter, par les lois que autres, des nations, familles entre l'Est, les légions de l'Afrique, et qu'on prétendrait les entrer en Europe une valeur ouverte. fait, l'Afrique est sous-tendre, le plus aperçu, l'affaire cachée du pouvoir européenne, par la loi sur le pouvre valeur et l'association pour l'organisation, de la conférence européenne et l'Eiffel." On April 21, 2009, the European Union (EU) and its member countries announced that they would cooperate closely on anti-terrorism. In an EU joint declaration, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, the United Kingdom and Netherlands stated that "with a view to making it more effective in its struggle against the international terrorism that targets its citizens and communities, the EU its member states will further strengthen the security and safety of all its citizens in region, within and beyond its borders, establish a permanent EU counter-terrorism mechanism, which will take over the work of existing national mechanisms." In July 2011, the EU announced a joint counter-terror mechanism for policing its member countries and called upon other to also form an independent counter-terror mechanism. The initiative, codename "EUSO", will focus on the joint police work between national and EU police forces create a network of "counter-terror cooperation" centers. To assist the EU mechanism, will create a list of EU member countries, and will give information to the relevant authorities on terrorist suspects and activities as well any EU information on terrorist suspects. In addition, some EU member countries will have access to information about each other's citizens. EU member countries will also cooperate in terms of cross-border police co-operation, as well anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations. On March 5, 2012, the Spanish Government passed Security Law, which includes new laws to enable its security forces fight terrorism. However, the law fails to deal with the issue of torture. Article 2 the Law, entitled "Terrorism", provides that the security forces of Spain are authorized to use any technique "which is proportionate to the legitimate aim pursued." The European Commission and Committee of the Regions (ECR) have concluded that there is no legal basis for Spain to prosecute people accused of terrorist activities. In its 2004 report of the ECR, it said: "The Commission's analysis in this area points out that, in most cases, the use of any technique, or all part of a technique, would be disproportionate to a legitimate aim" and the possibility of prosecuting would "undermine the effectiveness of measures provided for by criminal law." At the time, Spanish Government maintained that there are several reasons to prosecute people accused of terrorist activities: they are suspects, that could become terrorists and if they are not prosecuted, terrorist activity could take place. In a 2008 opinion published the Law Journal European Court of Human Rights stated in relation to terrorism: "The Convention does not provide a general offence for the commission of terrorist acts, nor does tahor générique france it impose a general punishment regime for such crimes, which means that the offence of terrorism is not provided for by the Convention and Spanish Penal Code; it follows that the conduct falling within provisions of the Conventions"

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