Investing in Our Popular Consignment System Software

Holding onto steel is an expensive undertaking. Even at times of increased demand like today, nobody wants to carry more stock than they need. It puts a strain on infrastructure, balance-sheets, transport and staff. More than a decade ago we came up with a solution to this; our Consignment System Software.

consignment system softwareConsignment  is a way for clients to hold the stock necessary to service their customer’s every need, including urgent requirements, but only pay for what they actually use.

Making it Easier for Customers

Our software even handles all of the invoicing. Once a customer is on our system there is no more endless back and forth with invoices and purchase orders. Our technology does all of that for us, making it a lot easier for the customer to spend time doing what they do best; turning steel into finished products.

This software, which was developed in-house, gradually, with additional features created as customers asked for them, is proving very popular. We have been delighted at the recent positive uptake from clients who want to use this system as part of their agreement with HTSS.

This is not limited to a particular sector or industry. We have had clients in the white goods, air conditioning, construction, steel frame buildings, pallet and racking systems sectors use the system. Our team is also introducing this to prospective and existing customers in the yellow goods and automotive industries, both at home and abroad, in Europe and Ireland.

The consignment system ensures customers hit zero across the board; zero rejects, zero shortages and zero inventory.

More Can Be Done

Not wanting to rest on our laurels we thought more could be done for our customers. Both new and existing ones can still benefit from further automation and control. Which is why we are working with our IT partner to upgrade and update the user interface. This includes the development of a tracking system, which will follow each order through our factory, right until it is delivered to the customer’s warehouse. As far as we know there is no other steel related system in the world which does that. Our customers will have even more control and knowledge, right at their fingertips.

Could you benefit from steel supply levels being easier to manage? If this sounds like something you could would like to discuss further, just give us a call on 44 (0)1744 818 767 or email at