Core Products

Cold Reduced, Galvanised, Hot Rolled and Zintec Steel Products


Cold Reduced (BSEN 10130:2006)

GradeTypical Applications
DC01 (CR4)Switchgear
DC03 (CR2)Electrical Goods
DC04 (CR1)Radiators, Domestic Appliances


Galvanised (BSEN 10346:2009)

GradeTypical Applications
DX51D+ZDucting / Cladding
DX52D+ZRoofing / Cladding
DX53D+ZDucting / Airflow
DX54D+ZAutomotive / Domestic Appliances
DX56D+ZAgricultural Machinery, Teletronics
S220GD+Z (Z22)
S280GD+Z (Z28)Roofing, Silo's
S350GD+Z (Z35)Purlings, Steel Frame
S390GD+Z (Z39)Modular Buildings
S450GD+Z (Z45)
Coating Mass Available from Z100 (100g/m²) up to Z600 (600g/m²)


Zintec (BSEN 10152:2009)

GradeTypical Applications
DC01+ZE (CR4)Switchgear
DC03+ZE (CR2)Automotive
DC04+ZE (CR1)Domestic Appliances, Vending
DC05+ZEElectrical Goods


Hot Rolled Mill Pickled (BSEN 1011:2008)

GradeTypical Applications
DD11 P&O (HR4 P&O)Enclosures
DD13 P&O (HR2 P&O)Automotive
DD14 P&O (HR1 P&O)Construction, Domestic Appliances


Hot Rolled Laser Quality Plate (BSEN 10025-232004)

GradeTypical Applications
S275JR (43A/B)Tubing/Pipes
S355JR (50A/B)Yellow Goods/Automotive
Standard Plate Sizes 2500 x 1250, 3000 x 1500Pressure Vessels/Boilers