Consignment Stock

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What can consignment stock to do to your business?

  • Suitable for manufacturers with a multiplicity of part numbers within one operation.
  • The consignment scheme is a comprehensive and fully integrated steel supply innovation which operates online.

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Consignment Stock Update

Consignment Stock Update – May 2017

Investing in Our Popular Consignment System Software


How does it work?

  • The scheme is controlled by a simple Agreement
  • The scheme operates via an online program which manages all stock items by part number at the customers’ discreet location by maintaining minimum and maximum stock levels.
  • The stock on the floor remains our property. However, once the part numbers have been selected for use then the invoice can be raised. This is actioned at least once per month
  • The scheme then automatically replenishes which you have used or triggers a re-order when the minimum stock level is reached.
  • E-mail confirmations are automatically triggered.

What are the benefits?

  • The obvious cash flow benefit of zero inventory
  • Within the Agreement to supply there is an agreed price which is fixed for a term. Correspondingly, there is also a provision for renegotiation should the price of steel fall. Requests for quotations and order placement are rendered unnecessary.
  • The scheme then runs automatically, ensuring that the stock is replenished.
  • Review is only necessary if the part numbers or volumes change.
  • Customers enjoy zero rejects and no shortages.

24 / 48hr delivery of standard and de-coiled sheet

In today’s market place, manufacturers are placed under increasing pressure to deliver on short lead times. To accommodate such trends, Hi-Tech Steels are able to deliver panel flat sheet in both standard and de-coiled lengths with 24/ 48 hours.